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Make free calls and take advantage of video chat

Make free calls and take advantage of video chat

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Program license: Free

Program by: Viber Media

Version: 19.2.0-b.0

Works under: Android

Also available for Mac Windows


Program license

(1,076 votes)


Program by


Viber Media


Works under:

Also available for


Mac Windows

Sort of like Skype without the huge file size, RAM-hungry operation and long load times, Viber is one of the newest peer-to-peer video and voice chat programs out there today for the Android OS.

Looking at the Viber Program

PC users have known about Skype for a long time and what they can get with that program. And if we're being totally honest, Skype is only one of a long list of video chat programs that you can download. Though when you break them all down for the PC, they're all basically the same in regards of using a lot of power, eating a lot of space, and having some serious load issues. This is why video chat programs for mobile operating systems are in much more demand for Android users. A program like Viber, for instance, has a much smaller footprint while still giving you all the features you'd find on a much larger program like Skype. What exactly are we speaking about here? For starters, this is a free program that only takes up a few MBs, and that's why over 6 million people have downloaded it to date. Skype is a huge file, almost 100MB, and thus isn't very mobile-friendly at all.

The download operation here seems fairly straightforward too. Although this classifies more as a program and not strictly an app, due to its functionality, you basically download and operate this in the same way you would any other Android app for a qualified OS.

How Viber Actually Works

Much like other video chat programs on the market today, Viber uses a VOIP system that allows you to take advantage of your 3G (or higher) internet to text message, voice call, and video call with anyone else who has the program. It basically functions as a video chat program with built-in peer-to-peer capabilities, allowing you to exchange files and emojis and other data as well. Photos, videos, sharing locations, and much, much more make this program a must-have for anyone looking to stay in touch with their friends and family from a distance.

This program is also completely customizable. So let's say you're not a big fan of the stock background and how the buttons look. That's fine. By going into the program's features, you can switch things around, add custom backgrounds, and do much more to personalize this program to your exact likes and specifications. To use the program, it's as simple as picking a name and registering your phone number, then you simply go and add everyone you want to add. As long as they have the program installed, it's as easy as adding their name.

Pros and Cons of Viber


  • A great Skype alternative that's a fraction of the size
  • Incredibly simplistic to use for even novice Android owners
  • Friends and other contacts are very easy to add and manage
  • Can customize the entire program plus do a lot more than voice and text


  • Not that many people use Viber, so you might not have a long friends list
  • The program might not work very well with a lot of other stuff running in the background